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North Dorchester Middle School

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Ms.Patricia Prosser


5745 Cloverdale Rd.

Hurlock, MD 21643

(410) 943-3322

(410) 943-3184 - FAX

School Hours: 7:55a.m. - 2:45p.m.

Earliest Student Drop Off: 7:35a.m.

North Dorchester Middle

About Us - NDMS

North Dorchester Middle School is a rural school located in the northern part of Dorchester County, just outside of the town of Hurlock, Maryland.  The school has an enrollment of approximately 450 students in grades 6 through 8 and is staffed by 30 classroom teachers and five special education teachers.  The staff of North Dorchester Middle School works constantly to understand the special needs of our youth and expresses a strong desire to work to meet those needs.


Our Mission

The staff of North Dorchester Middle School is committed to providing students with learning opportunities and experiences that will prepare them for higher learning, military, and 21st-century careers. The staff of NDMS is committed to engaging students in a manner that will help them excel both socially and academically in an environment that is rigorous, supportive, and collaborative in an effort to maximize student potential to its fullest.