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Mace's Lane Middle School

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Evans 2020

Mr. Vaughn Evans


1101 Mace's Lane Rd.

Cambridge, MD 21613

(410) 228-2111

(410) 221-5278 - FAX

School Hours: 8:10a.m. - 3:10p.m.

Earliest Student Drop Off: 7:50a.m.


About Us - MLMS

Mace’s Lane Middle School is located in Cambridge, Maryland.  We have 533 students and a beautiful facility which was built in 2003.

The history of Mace’s Lane began in the late 1940s when W. T. Boston was our superintendent.  Mr. Boston, Charles Cornish (County Commissioner) and the Board of Education selected the original site for Mace’s Lane which became Dorchester County’s only African American High School. Construction finally began on June 15, 1951.  The first graduating class, whose motto was “Prepare today for leadership tomorrow” walked down the aisles of the school in June 1953.

The history of Mace’s Lane High School played an integral part in the design of the current middle school which opened in January 2004.  Today, Mace’s Lane Middle School continues to carry the proud tradition from 1953 of preparing our students for a variety of leadership opportunities as our original motto stated.

Mace’s Lane Middle School’s colors are blue and orange and are used as an accent throughout the school.  Our school mascot, the Mace’s Lane Tiger (Mace), portrays our fierce school pride.

Science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math continue to be our focus as we prepare our students to finish their program of study and become college and career ready.


Our Mission

Mace’s Lane, in partnership with the community, will establish consistent processes and procedures to prepare students for life.

Our Vision

All students will thrive in a safe and positive learning environment that focuses on high academic achievement and the well being of the whole child.