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Vienna Elementary School

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Susie Price


4905 Ocean Gateway

Vienna MD, 21869

(410) 943-3775

(410) 376-3623 - FAX

School Hours: 8:25a.m. - 3:15p.m.

Earliest Student Drop Off: 8:00a.m.

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About Us - VES

Vienna Elementary School is a four-star rated school located in the quaint town of Vienna, Maryland, on the Nanticoke River. With an enrollment ranging from 180 – 200 students each school year over the last five years, our dedicated faculty and support staff have critical roles in our school’s mission. One or two teachers are assigned classes in all grade levels, PreKindergarten through Grade 5, depending upon each grade’s enrollment in any given school year.

Decisions made for our students are based upon our A’s to Success—Attendance, Attitude, and Achievement in Academics, the Arts, and Athletics. Recently we added an A for Anything so when one can be “anything”, be kind. (Kindness matters!)

Our Pledge to Success is recited by students each morning with student announcers leading it as a reminder of our school-wide behavior expectations:

Today I will show respect for myself and others. I will be responsible for my words and actions. I will accept the consequences of my behavior choices. I will be safe at all times. I will also be persistent and not give up when I begin to struggle. I will finish my program of study and become college and career ready.

I believe in myself.

Our Mission

The mission of Vienna Elementary School is to provide a safe, welcoming, and structured learning environment centered around our students as we focus on their attendance, attitude, and achievement in academics, the arts, and athletics.

Our Vision

The vision of Vienna Elementary School is to replace excuses by solutions. Students should be enthusiastic, motivated to learn, and persevere through adversity with dignity.   Staff should be unified in the creation of a positive learning environment that leads to success for all students. Parents should be involved, communicative, and supportive in a partnership with us, as they are their child’s first teacher. Our school community should show support, unity, and commitment to the mission of Vienna Elementary.