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Special Education

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Special Education


The Dorchester County Public School System assures that all students with disabilities will have available free appropriate public education programs and services. These programs shall be provided in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment based on the needs of the student.

The Special Education Department works within a collaborative framework where schools and families work together for the benefit of all students. A range of services designed to meet individual student needs are provided to eligible children and youth from birth until age 21.



Our mission is to make accessible through our best individual and collective efforts, the curricula as they have been set forth by the Federal and State governments as well as Dorchester County Public Schools to all students. In so doing, it is our intent to progress each student, with their individual educational needs, towards the universal goal of becoming independent, lifelong learners.



We believe that every staff member is accountable for the learning of all children, including those with and without disabilities. All students are entitled to every facet of the educational process and to the respect that comes from successful interaction in a school system with high expectations.

We believe that all students can learn and have the right to an education. We accept each student as an individual, yet work to realize the universal goals of education. As a department we are committed to universal design for learning, thereby utilizing instructional methods that meet every child's unique learning style so they may become lifelong learners and valued members of their communities. Patience, compassion, and knowledge of each individual student, combined with academic competence, instructional know-how, and commitment to the field of Special Education are the bed rock upon which our mission is built.

We believe a child-centered service delivery system will result from coordination and innovative use of present resources and support for evolving programs. Communication and collaboration between staff, students, families and community will empower all students to reach his or her maximum potential. As this effort is accomplished, the entire school population will realize the benefits of an improved education setting.


For More Information on the Special Education Department Contact:

Kim Waller
Supervisor of Special Education
Dorchester Board of Education
700 Glasgow Street
Cambridge, Maryland 21613
410.221.1111 ext 1024
410.221.5215 FAX
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