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Dorchester County Public Schools

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English Language Arts Instruction

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English Language Arts

Mission Statement

Through this collaborative partnership, the ELA department will achieve our vision by engaging in data-driven decision making; providing curricula that develops literacy skills in all students: to read literature and informational texts, write, speak and listen as well as use language appropriately; and encourage students to become active participants in their learning communities.  

Vision Statement

In collaboration with all stakeholders, Dorchester County Public Schools English Language Arts Department is committed to providing access to curriculum materials that enable all students to set personal goals of being life-long learners and responsible citizens in our community. 


Kindergarten Curriculum Snapshot

First Grade Curriculum Snapshot

Second Grade Curriculum Snapshot

Third Grade Curriculum Snapshot

Fourth Grade Curriculum Snapshot

Fifth Grade Curriculum Snapshot


Curriculum Overview Grades 6-12

Sixth Grade Curriculum Map

Seventh Grade Curriculum Map

Eighth Grade Curriculum Map

Ninth Grade Curriculum Map

Tenth Grade Curriculum Map

Eleventh Grade Curriculum Map

Twelfth Grade Curriculum Map